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Północ w tajemniczym ogrodzie Philippa Pearce

Północ w tajemniczym ogrodzie

Philippa Pearce

Published 1999
184 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I was surprised finding myself that I really liked this book. This is my 98th book this year and just my 2nd childrens fiction. If this were not one of the childrens books in the 501 Must Read Books, I would not have picked this up.Time Slip is used brilliantly in the plot that you dont know between the two main characters, Tom or Hatty, is the ghost and who is a real human being. To give you an example, in the movie Sixth Sense, you know right away who are the ghosts because the boy character says I see dead people. Here, at first, I thought Hatty was clearly the ghost until she described Tom and then I did not know anymore. Then in the end, there is another surprise but I will not tell you what as I do not want to spoil your reading.The final scene is the most heartwarming and moving scene in a childrens book that Ive so far encountered. Prior to this, my most moving scene was in the book Charlottes Web (1952) specifically when the many baby spiders appear in the barn one morning while Charlotte (the lady spider) is explaining to Wilbur (the pig) the passing of time. The difference between the two is that the characters in this book, Tom and the elderly Hatty, are real people so it is easy to identify with them. They dont talk about anything profound like Charlotte and Wilbur but the revelation is so gripping that would not think that this book was published during the time when your parents were probably not born yet (1958).The grandfathers clock ringing on the 13th hour is for me very imaginative. The ice skater reminded me of the movie Somewhere in Time. There are so many memorable elements in this book that had Pearce only used more complex language, this book could be for adults and maybe classified as either a book under sci-fi or horror genres or maybe a fusion of those. Or throw in a love story between Tom and Hatty and this could be good material for a romantic movie.Intelligent writing. Innovative plot. Immensely imaginative. Why is it that I am only reading these beautiful childrens books now that I am past the mid-point of my life here on earth?Mind you, dont underestimate the childrens books. Sometimes, they are even more complex and engaging than other popular bestsellers written with adult readers in mind.